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Celebrate National Public Health Week: April 7-14, 2014

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For nearly two decades, public health professionals have united 
communities nationwide each April to celebrate National Public
Health Week. Every year, NPHW uses a unique theme to explore 
and share health with our communities. While the theme may 
change from year to year, our core commitment to public health 
and prevention has remained unchanged. NPPW 2014 will take place
from April 7–13 with the theme, "Public Health: Start Here."
The public health system that keeps our communities healthy and
safe is changing as technologies advance, public attitudes toward
health shift and more health and safety options become available 
through policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 
Public health professionals and organizations are the key to 
empowering people to participate in this exciting evolution of 
the public health system to improve the health and wellness of 
the whole community. 

NPPW 2014 breaks down these changes into daily themes that are 
easy to understand and navigate. Local NPPW events and activities 
will raise awareness of the critical role that public health and 
prevention play in keeping communities healthy.
Monday, April 7: Be healthy from the start. From maternal health and
school nutrition to emergency preparedness, health starts at home.
Tuesday, April 8: Don’t panic. Disaster preparedness starts with 
community-wide commitment and action. We’re here to help you weather 
the unexpected.
Wednesday, April 9: Get out ahead. Prevention is now a nationwide
priority. Let us show you where you fit in.
Thursday, April 10: Eat well. The system that keeps our nation’s food 
safe and healthy is complex. We can guide you through the choices.
Friday, April 11: Be the healthiest nation in one generation. Best 
practices for community health come from around the globe. We'd like 
to share them with you.
The NPHW 2014 toolkit includes materials and resources to help you 
effectively shape and promote activities and key messages during the 
week. The toolkit will help you engage your communities with health 
and prevention during National Public Health Week 2014 and beyond.