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We believe that coalitions are powerful tools for community change. We trust that the wisdom and knowledge needed to solve health or social issues rests with professional and community-based organizations and stakeholders who have lived experience with those issues. We also believe that community members can and should be actively engaged in decision making and problem solving in a collaborative, equitable way. Ultimately, a coalition works to reduce or prevent a community problem by analyzing the problem, identifying and implementing solutions, and creating social change. With clarity of purpose and commitment to excellence, we know that coalitions work!

Why Coalitions and Partnerships?

Partnering makes sense! Thousands of coalitions and partnerships have formed over the past two decades to support regional, health-related activities across the country and abroad. For example, coalitions have formed to reduce tobacco use among youth, increase immunization rates, reduce violence, and ensure adequate housing and health insurance for all.

The word coalition comes from the Latin roots: coalescere, to grow together, and coalitio, a union. A community coalition is classically defined as a group of individuals representing diverse organizations, factions, or constituencies who agree to work together to achieve a common goal (Fieghery & Rogers, 1990). By bringing diverse human and material resources to the table, partners work towards specific changes that they would not be able to bring about individually. Working in partnership is empowering and appeals to a community’s sense of equity and social justice.