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Coalitions Work Tools

We develop custom tools or adapt any of our existing tools. Download any of the following Microsoft Word document to help your coalition.

icon pdfAll Documents are in PDF format.

Coalition Start-Up Tools

  • Is a Coalition Right for You?
    A set of questions to help your group decide whether a coalition is the right organizational structure for meeting your group’s goals.
  • Coalition Guides
    5-part series of guides that describe 5 stages of coalition development: pre-formation, formation, implementation, maintenance and institutionalization. Each guide describes what to expect, structure and overall strategy, tasks and products/outcomes.
  • Model Commitment Letter
    A sample letter to use with coalition partners that outlines your vision for collaborative work and the responsibilities and resources that each organization or individual intends to commit to the effort.
  • Checklist to Become a 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization
    A checklist that details the 15-steps to help your coalition become a non-profit organization.
  • What Makes a Good Lead Agency?
    A checklist of attributes that any good lead or fiscal agent should have in order to support the development and operation of a community coalition.

Coalition Planning Tools

Coalition Building Tools

 Coalition Assessment & Evaluation Tools

Coalition Sustainability Tools