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Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health  Author: Frances Dunn Butterfoss

Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health is a step-by-step guide for building durable coalitions to improve community and public health. This important resource provides an in-depth, analytical, and practical approach to building, sustaining, and nurturing these complex organizations. Author Frances Dunn Butterfoss includes all the tools for success in collaborative work from a research and practice-based stance. The book contains useful approaches to the issues, recommendations for action, resources for further study, and examples from actual coalition work.

Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health explores:

  • Historical foundations of coalitions and partnerships
  • Principles of collaboration and partnering
  • Benefits and challenges of a coalition approach
  • Coalition frameworks and models
  • Cultivating coalition leadership
  • Roles and responsibilities of coalition staff, leaders, and members
  • Communication, decision-making, and problem-solving methods
  • Vision, mission, and bylaws
  • Effective marketing
  • Planning for sustainability
  • Approaches to assessment
  • Developing strategic and action plans
  • Implementing coalition strategies in the community
  • Media advocacy, strategies, and tips
  • Participatory coalition evaluation

ISBN: 978-0-7879-8785-5 | April 2007

JosseyBass Publications, Hardcover, 608 pages