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Ignite cover with borderIgnite! Getting Your Community Coalition “Fired Up” for Change

Frances Dunn Butterfoss

In Ignite, building and sustaining a community organization or coalition is compared to planning, building, fueling and sustaining a campfire. Tasks are divided into the four parts of the book: Before You Build It, Build It, Make It Work and Sustain It – they’ll spark your community work to the next level.


  • Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health

    Frances Dunn Butterfoss

    Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health is a comprehensive guide for building durable coalitions to improve community and public health. This important resource provides an in-depth, yet practical approach to building, sustaining, and nurturing these complex organizations.

Selected Coalition Articles

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Selected Book Chapters

  1. Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities.

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